You Fit Me Better Than My Favorite Sister

Lana Del Rey has been coined as the singer “bloggers love to hate” but not by this blogger. There’s been controversy over her name change (Lizzy Grant) and image but personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Who hasn’t consulted with a team – be it a friend or manager, on their career? Stefani Germanotta didn’t start out as Lady Gaga, she outwardly admits that music producer Rob Fusari coined the name for her. And can we discuss the dozen name changes the once branded Sean “Puffy” Combs underwent? It’s no secret that artist development plays a significant role not just at major labels but in helping an artist identify and communicate who they are as an individual and as an artist in order to best connect with their fans. But I’m getting away with myself here.

In an age that values transparency and authenticity why is Lana Del Rey being chided for being open about what we all know goes on behind closed doors? Why is this suddenly taboo? She admits that her name change was part of her transformation as an artist, as her team collectively felt it identified with her look and sound more. Okay fine. It seems to be working, doesn’t it? A new moniker has helped catapult many an artist including pop-rocker Alecia More Pink. You tell me which name sounds more badass?

Controversy aside, what really matters here in the end is the music, right? Well this girls got talent, with a soulful full-bodied voice that’s undeniable. Her gorgeous cinematic ballads make you feel like you’ve been transported to another era. If you haven’t heard her yet, educate yourself now.

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