Wonderful Humans – Shake It Off
(Taylor Swift Cover)

The veil has been lifted. When Wonderful Humans started releasing music earlier this spring their identity was kept secret. No names and no photos could be found online – only that the members used to be in other bands. Now the cat’s out of the bag.

Meet Brian Cag and Amanda Carl, the ‘wonderful humans’ that comprise this saccharine synth-pop band. Brian comes from notable pop-rock band Action Item  while Amanda hails from indie-rock band Born Cages.

The duo met in 2011 and instantly clicked romantically, creatively, geographically (J/K about that last one). Apparently they’re *nsync about pop idol Taylor Swift too because they just released a delightfully dark cover of “Shake It off.”

Let’s be honest, one out of every three people you know is probably a Swifty whether they’d like to admit it or not. Luckily you don’t have to fake, fake, fake disinterest with Wonderful Humans’ version of the smash single. So play, play, play away. Your secret’s safe with me, Swifty.

Image source: Facebook

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