Wolf Alice – Bros

Wolf Alice’s dewey-eyed single “Bros” reveals a softer side to the British rockers typically unrestrained sound. Shimmering with heartfelt nostalgia, the sentimental song even had the band getting choked up at first. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting a little misty-eyed as well.

Lead singer Ellie Roswell’s breathy vocals float alongside melodic chords as she sings, “I’m so lucky you were my best friend / there’s no one, there’s no one who knows me like you do.”

“Bros is a sentimental tune to us” revealed Wolf Alice on their Facebook page, “it’s grown and changed with us over the past couple of years, taking on different shapes and forms until it evolved into being this definitive album version. It’s an ode to childhood imagination and friendship and all the charm that comes with that.”

“Bros” is from Wolf Alice’s forthcoming debut album, My Love Is Cool out June 23rd. The single is available on limited gold edition vinyl here.

Image source: Jordan Curtis Hughes via Facebook

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