The Wild Now Embrace The ‘Tides’

The Wild Now

The Wild Now has released what promises to be a staple summer soundtrack, the sparkling EP Tides. The six song compilation teams with quixotic strains that are equal parts soulful and saccharine.

The glistening “Far Away” sets the tone, welcoming listeners to settle in and soak up Tides dulcet sounds, or as front-woman Taylor Baker puts it: “open our eyes” and “fall into the now.”

The surprising “New Eyes” follows. Surprising in that it stands out from the others as the edgiest song on the EP, with smoldering guitar riffs and reggae undertones.

Fans of The Wild Now will recognize the alluring single “Salt” on the EP, which has nearly 800,00 streams on Spotify and counting. When I shared “Salt” last year I declared The Wild Now an artist to watch, and Tides has me standing firmly by that statement.

The buoyant “Seek” acts as a transitional track on Tides, as the remaining three tracks touch on the theme of searching for something either in another person or oneself. Title track “Tides” touches on timing, and knowing when to trust your instincts. EP closer “Gold Dust” brings everything full circle. Life is about the unknown and “Gold Dust” sings of holding fast to one’s dreams despite any hurdles and setbacks that may arise.

As Baker sings on “Far Away,” “Once you stop holding on, that’s when it sparks.” And Tides certainly sparks.

Tides encourages listeners to give into the current and embrace life’s ebb and flow. Once you find that ‘gold dust’ that ignites something within, you best ride that wave. Or to put it another way: embrace The Wild Now.

Listen to Tides here:

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