Why Can’t I Keep You?

Image credit: Caleb Condit Photography

Natalie Bergman (vocals) and Elliot Bergman (saxophone, keyboards) makeup Wild Belle, a delightful soul/pop duo from Chicago. Don’t let the last name fool you, a la the White Stripes, there’s been no confirmation as to whether these two are siblings.

Wild Belle are mum on details. Absolutely no information about the band is given on their Facebook page (where their domanin name also re-directs). What is known is that the pair have two songs out: “Keep You” and “Take Me Away.” The first, a seductively soulful track with reggae and synth elements about unrequited love. The latter, a coquettish fusion of funk and pop, about a crush. These songs will stay with you. Be sure to savor them, because the album release date is TBD (hopefully sometime this year).

Keep You by Wild Belle

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