Welcome to the Wu Lyf

Wu Lyf are an enigmatic band from Manchester, UK. The four members consist of Ellery Roberts (vocals, organ), Tom McClung (bass), Joseph Manning (drums) and Evans Kati (guitar). It hasn’t been until recently that much information about the band has been available. Much like the Cults, Wu Lyf have kept much of their personal life under wraps with no website, refusing interviews and eluding the press for some time of who was even in the band. Rather the clues were in the few songs available online – the rest was up to those intrigued enough to find out more. Having just released their album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (June 13), the band sat down for an interview with The Guardian and even have a website to speak of.
Wu Lyf’s haunting airy strains, paired with singer Ellery Roberts’ raspy voice, will send chills down your spine. Recorded in a church, the instruments echo and soar, especially the organ. Listen to “Split It Concrete Like The Colden Sun God”

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