The Wealthy West – I’ve Got To Go

The path is laid out for The Wealthy West. The solo project of Brandon Kinder from The Rocketboys, The Wealthy West explores the journey of self-discovery, and self-knowing, on the full-length debut album Long Play, out February 9th.

The pilgrimage westward gives rise to questioning and searching: for understanding one’s origins, and one’s place in the world. “Maybe it’s history, maybe its Hollywood; but going out West is the dream,” says Kinder. “It’s where the gold is. It’s where the skies are always sunny. It’s paradise.”

On the lead single, “I’ve Got To Go,” Kinder sings of leaving the comfort of the familiar in a search for meaning. “I’ve got to build something” he asserts, determined to leave something “good” behind before he “runs out of time.”

Kinder embraces experimentation in his writing and instrumentation on Long Play. “I just used anything I could get my hands on,” he says. “I borrowed a friend’s vibes, I got a guy to come play violin; if I didn’t have drums one day, I’d record myself hitting a desk or my lap. It would have been super easy to use a bunch of samples but…I wanted this album to be special in that way.”

Look for Long Play out February 9th. The Wealthy West’s album release show is February 12th at Tellers.

Featured image via: The Wealthy West

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