VV Brown Gives Sex and the City A Try

This news was just too exciting for me to pass up. VV Brown auditioned this week for a cameo spot in the Sex and the City sequel! If the directors like what they see, she’ll be cast in the movie (what her role would be, I don’t know). Best of luck VV! This is what VV tweeted on her Twitter page:

“performing in front of directors of sex in the city movie. Absolutely excited. Im obsessed with sex in the city !
(afterwards) “I really hope we get in the movie.”

VV was also recently featured in WWD for her bold fashion sense, and edgy 80’s inspired label VV Vintage. For the curious and fashionable, a slideshow of her fashion spread is posted on the site. To top it off, VV made her first American radio show debut this week on KCRW, performing the hit “Crying Blood” and an unreleased track “Caroline” (no Andre 3000 does not make a guest appearance).

The girl is unstoppable these days. Looks like someone is having the ‘best month ever.’ You deserve it VV. Fingers crossed she makes it in the SATC movie, with her fashion sense, the girl will have no problem fitting in. Patricia Field would be proud.

Happy Halloween everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend!

Image credit: lastfm

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