Vinyl Giveaway: Santigold – 99¢


‘I can’t get enough’ of the new Santigold record, 99¢After a nearly four year hiatus since the release of Master of My Make-Believe in 2012, Santigold returns to the spotlight with a bold and spirited collection of songs that question and challenge the modern mold. The singer has never shied away from making a statement, and on 99¢ the ‘cre-a-tor’ addresses consumerism, beauty standards, and our self-abosred “selfie” culture.

Says Santigold in a press release, “We have no illusion that we don’t live in this world where everything is packaged. People’s lives, persona, everything, is deliberate, and mediated. It can be dark and haunting and tricky, and freak us out, but it can be also be silly and fun and we can learn to play with it.”

Play with it she does, on a record that beautifully tows the line between haunting and carefree. Songs like “I Can’t Get Enough of Myself,” “Chasing Shadows,” and “Rendezvous Girl” are classic Santigold, with her signature chords and dynamics, with fresh ideas that come with the natural evolution of an artist’s development. Want to dive deeper into 99¢? Find out how to make it yours:

WIN a vinyl copy of Santigold’s 99¢

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Contest ends Saturday, March 5th at 12AM CST. Winner will be randomly selected and contacted, Sunday, March 6th. Open to US residents only.

Featured image: Christelle de Castro via Atlantic Records, vinyl image

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