Tuesday night (Oct. 14) was the UK Music Video Awards where directors, editors, producers and the like were recognized for their work on some of the top indie videos of today. Held at the Odeon in Trafalgar Square, the first annual show was a massive success. Host Adam Buxton kept the house in stitches as he presented awards accompanied by ‘stingles’ (songs/jingles). Buxton also put together this memorable montage of Bush and 50 Cent addressing the MVA crowd:

Some highlights include big winners of the night Encyclopedia Britannia for Bjork’s ‘Wanderlust,’ receiving awards for Best Art Direction, Best Indie/Alternative Video as well as Video of The Year. The heralded Hot Chip’s ‘Ready for the Floor’ won for best editing. Nima Nourizadeh (Hot Chip, Santogold, Goldfrapp, CSS) was winner of Best Director, and Kinga Burza won Best Pop Video for Kate Nash’s ‘Foundations.’ In addition Justice won Best International Video for the highly controversial ‘Stress.’

It was a fantastic night, dedicated to those behind the camera. I was thrilled to be able to sit in on all the action, courtesy of my internship at LD. 🙂 I’m sure next year will garner continued attention and success!

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