Twin Shadow – To The Top

I thought this week couldn’t get any better after Robyn and Rokysopp dropped a preview of “Monument” from their upcoming mini-album Do It Again. Well, I was gravely mistaken.

This beautiful morning is brought to you by Twin Shadow and a new track off his upcoming album!

“To The Top” is a handsome ballad with all those 80’s synth notes us Twin Shadow fans can’t get enough of. I saw Mr. George Lewis Jr. perform at the Maverick Music Festival in San Antonio last month where he played a spankin’ new song and spoke of a shiny new album in the works. Hopefully this means more new music isn’t too far off (along with more chances to see this amazing man live).

Okay, I really don’t think this week can get any better now, but hey, it’s only Tuesday, there’s still time to prove me wrong (again).

Twin Shadow has TTT (To The Top) available for free download on his web site. Get it here.

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