tUnE-YaRdS ‘Little Tiger’

Merrill Garbus is the voice and creative “bird brain” behind the moniker tUnE-YaRdS. Singing like a Siren, her voice surges and swells, as she weaves through the lyrics and melodies. From singing with a folksy wobbling in her voice to holding more steady, serene notes, Garbus has a talented vocal range she’s not afraid to experiment with.

Completely organic, Garbus made the record Bird Brain using a hand-held voice recorder, ukulele, and drums. She incorporates so many aural elements into her songs, from kids speaking in the background, to objects clattering, just listening to the sound effects is an experience. Maybe its just me, but that’s something I always notice, especially in movies, if the sounds are good. Her music, her voice, everything she incorporates into her songs are refreshing and new.

Keep her on your radar. On tour with the Dirty Projectors, I’m sure she’s on the verge of exploding onto the scene, if she hasn’t already. Check out “Little Tiger” and “News”

Image credit: lastfm

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