Tuarrah’s “Ellis”


Fill your days with the enchanting, delicate soundtrack of Tuarrah. The trio creates thoughtful, cinematic ballads that are beautifully enigmatic. Friends Charlie Van Kirk and Christopher Marion dream-up the transcendent soundscapes, while a friend who wishes to remain anonymous lends her breathy vocals. Inspired by musicians like Radiohead and Björk to painters like James Whistler and John Singer Sargent, Tuarrah crafts expansive songs that incorporate folk, electronic and classical influences. Their music seeks to capture vignettes of life and the “little moments of humanity that can be found within.”

On single “Ellis,” Tuarrah reflects on the journey of immigrants and the apprehension and disorientation upon starting a new life in a foreign land.

“As boots meet ground / Fears hide behind clouds / On this isle, Ellis”

The video for “Ellis” was filmed in Moscow, and captures the quiet beauty that blankets the city amid snowfall. Actress Saida Otarova is seen embracing the elements as she seeks clues from the landscape’s past and present. During the shoot, the film crew experienced their own sense of displacement. Norwegian director Jørgen Bare and local producer Varvara Kuznetsova were detained and questioned for several hours by Russian military police after accidentally flying their drone over an unidentified government building. Fortunately, they were let go and no one was harmed.

Watch the video premiere of Tuarrah’s “Ellis” now and stream the album here.

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