Trixie Whitley "Breathe You In My Dreams"

Trixie Whitley was born into music. Her father Chris Whitley, a famed blues/rock singer-songwriter and guitarist from Houston, collaborated, toured and fraternized with many of music’s icons. Growing up, Trixie spent her fair share of time in the recording studio and on the road with her dad and no-doubt learned a few things in the process. Now, at the age of 25, Trixie has released her first full-length album, Fourth Corner, which features the stunning single, “Breathe You In My Dreams.”

A solemn ballad, Trixie revealed it’s significance to Vogue, “At the time [of writing the song], I felt so much urgency and longing towards a lover who I couldn’t physically be with due to geographic reasons. It was a sense of feeling his presence so intensely in my entire system while feeling completely detached at the same time.”

Trixie’s rich, powerful voice and presence can be felt with a similar intensity.

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