Transviolet – Girls Your Age

For those aching for a little “Summertime Sadness,” turn your ears onto Transviolet. The LA foursome evokes Lana Del Rey vocals and synth-noir pop on their statutory single, “Girls Your Age.”

The smoky track about chasing older guys starts out beautifully sparse, steadily building to an echoing crescendo. The lead vocalist (whose name I couldn’t find online) sings, “Jail-bait baby hunting men in their 20s…He tells me that I’m hot so I tell him that I love him.”

Following the “live fast” motto, “Girls Your Age” attempts to take no prisoners in the game of love. Though the song reveals this can sometimes prove tricky: “Thought I knew what I wanted, I never saw you coming,” the renegade sings.

Listen to “Girls Your Age” below and stay tuned for more on these new kids on the block.

Image source: Facebook

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