Tomorrow, In A Year

Time forms our lives, gives our existence meaning and populates the globe. Generations, eons and millions of years create the new and eradicate existences. Nature selects, invites and dares everything without limitation
– Ralf Richardt Strøbech, co-director, Tomorrow, in a year

If you are into The Knife and into opera, than Tomorrow, In A Year will be your next must hear (and must see) piece.  Based on Charles Darwin’s life and discoveries, the opera is scientific, political, and of course infused with an atypical electronic composition.  The music is largely inspired by Darwin’s scientific theories, exploring the past and the evolution of the present, and includes collaborations from Berlin’s Mt. Sims and experimentalist Planningtorock.

In prepping for the piece, the siblings did their homework: reading and sourcing material from Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, his travel notes and his letters, as well as his wife’s.  The pair even traveled to South America, and like Darwin, collected field recordings to gain a deeper understanding of his experiences.

Tomorrow, in a year has already debuted at a number of venues including the premier at Hotel Pro Forma in Denmark, and the soundtrack is available for download online. The Knife are not the first musical act to pursue the world of Opera;  Rufus Wainwright composed Prima Donna to rave reviews just last year.  The opera is currently running at the Barbican in London.

Watch the trailor:

Listen to the song Coloring of Pigeons

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