Tickled Pink Over BLSHS

Synth-pop trio BLSHS (pronounced Blushes) will turn your cheeks pink – if not from groovin’, than from lead vocalist Michelle Miears’ sultry, breathy voice. This threesome wears their hearts on the dance floor with confessional, pulsating ballads that are simply irresistible.

The Houston babes were kind enough to grace Austin with their presence last weekend, playing a killer set at Austin Cassette Fest before jetting to Waco for a gig that night. Mass Gallery temporarily transformed into a dancehall with the magnetic Miears leading the way, the highlight being when she rocked out with a shoulder synthesizer. Newest dream instrument – found.

Hopefully they’ll return soon, because my body is craving more BLSHS dance parties.


How cool is BLSHS’ shoulder synthesizer? | Photo Credit: Radio Fonix Apparel

BLSHS dropped their debut EP, Abstract Desires, at the start of this year. Give it a spin!

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