Throwback Thursday: Ja Rule Makes Time

Is anyone else hungering for a Ja Rule comeback? I don’t mean the album he quietly released from prison last year, but a real comeback with music videos, interviews, and touring. He ruled the early 2000’s hip hop scene, due in part to teaming up with some of the hottest female vocalists of the moment like J.Lo, Christina Milian and Ashanti.

Ja’s been serving time in federal prison in upstate New York the past few years for illegal gun possession and his official release is next month. So, with his new freedom will Ja go back into the studio? With his distinct voice, smooth lyrics and keen sense for collaboration, I think he could show the current hip-hop game a thing or two.

Seriously though. I’d love to see Ja Rule reunite with J.Lo, or record with Jessie Ware, Solange, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato…the possibilities are endless, am I right? So tell me, who’d you like to see Ja Rule collaborate with post prison break?

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