Norwegian electro-rockers Datarock have released “the most extravagant single in history” in the form of a red alien-looking USB for the song “Catcher in the Rye.” The little tyke known as “Data Rock” has got quite the cache. Not only does it hold the single, it also comes stocked with 105 bonus tracks, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a 60 minute concert film! The cost of acquiring your own Data Rock? $50.00. Pretty snappy. Not to mention you can forever display Data Rock on your bookshelf – it be a great conversation piece for parties. Just sayin’.

What do you think of the USB idea? Is it innovative or gimmicky? I personally think it’s great. You get a ton of content for a great price, packaged in the form of a figurine (designed by the band) which you can display in your house. Sounds like a home-run to me.

The USB is available for purchase on the Super 7 store.

The single: warning this will get stuck in your head.
   Datarock : Catcher In The Rye by VMLive

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