The Uncomfortable Truth

Happy Martin Luther King JR Day to everyone out there!  As a day representative of peace, unity and change, soul/hip-hop singer Nneka will have you standing at attention. “Let us make a change” she croons in the peace promoting strain “The Uncomfortable Truth.”  Nigerian born, and German residing, Nneka uses her vocal prowess as a way to raise awareness and inspire political change in her homeland.  One of the largest suppliers of oil to the U.S., Nneka strives to advocate change in her countries struggle to gain more control over their resources, and reduce poverty.

Nneka is quoted on LastFm saying, “I get inspired when I take a severe look at the things going on in our world today; especially in my country. How people live, suffer and endure pain, politicians and religion. And when I see all that man has evoked and created out of self-centeredness and devotion to material things.”

A powerful, and inspirational talent, Nneka is someone you will want to keep your eye on.  She has a full line-up of tour dates ahead of her, and is definitely worth checking out if she’s in your area! Click here for tour dates.  Look for her album The Concrete Jungle February 2nd.

Image credit: myspace

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