The Ting Tings Hang It Up

The Ting Tings on the new album:

 We wanted to make a very primal, raw album that was honest and experimental and as always rhythm based. The songs recorded in Berlin have a different sound to those jammed in Spain. Berlin songs are more “tech ‘n spacey” and melancholic. It was an odd time for us, straight off tour after such a life-changing experience. I think we enjoyed being in Berlin where no one could get to us. I think the songs from London and Spain sound like us getting out of the dark place and have a more aggressive funk sound to them. We enjoyed rehearsing for days and we would often go up mountains and be pretty untraceable. Just getting lost in the music with the help of the Beastie Boys, Malcolm McLaren, and Nancy Sinatra. They where all major influences on this [record]. [via Life+Times]

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