The Style of Music

Via Moxy Creative House. Designed by Glenn Michael. Illustrated by James Alexander
Can you match all the artists with their iconic threads?  
Answer after the jump

From left to right: Jim Morrison, Jonny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Kiss,
Chet Baker, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Jimi Hendrix, 
Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Prince, Kaye West, 
Marvin Gaye, The Ramones, Andre 3000, Pharrell Williams, 
Brandon Flowers, Pete Doherty, The Beatles, Miles Davis.
What does the style of music mean to you?  Is it wearing your favorite band t-shirt, a leather jacket, hardware, denim? A hairstyle, red lipstick, smokey eyes, clashing patterns, all black, plaid, neon?  There are limitless ways to express music through fashion and fashion faithfully communicates this message through interpretations new and old, be it a ratty striped sweater or a white and gold sequined pantsuit. 
Whose your fashion muse?  One of my personal favorites is the glamborous Gwen Stefani

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