The Ping Factor

Do you Ping?

I must say I’ve quickly gotten accustomed to this new iTunes feature.  Ping is essentially YouTube, Last.Fm, Twitter and Facebook all in one — catered to music fans.   With the ability to connect to artists and friends, listen to songs, watch videos, “like” music, and receive news right into your iTunes library on the artists you are following, you hardly need to sign up for a newsletter ever again.

Apple continues to take the lead as being one of the leaders and game-changers in the way people interact with music.  It has transformed iTunes from an innominate consumer downloading service, into an interactive, information-sharing, social-networking site. Instead of just purchasing music, you now have access to a network of musicians and fans with faces, interests and a music history.

There are loads of benefits to using Ping.  Here’s some of them:

  • news updates direct to iTunes
  • know what your favorite artists are listening to
    • discover new music through their followed artists/listening activity versus ‘similar artist’ recommendations
  • connect and share new music discoveries with friends
  • build a community with not only fans who share similar taste in music, but artists as well
  • share activity on other networks such as Twitter (which now supports iTunes song previews)

Why it’s good for marketers:

  • insight into target audiences. What other artists they listen to, what their interests are, male to female ratio, age group, etc.
  • Ping comments after purchase — provide insight into what fans find appealing about an artist, ranging from genre, a particular song, to persona and image.
  • following an artist = artist news that feeds directly into your iTunes, sending live updates while you listen.  It is direct marketing delivered straight to the fan, they don’t have to do any work to go looking for it.  Like RSS for blogs.

Why it’s good for artists:

  • provides opportunity to connect with fans and expand fanbase based on user interest.
  • outlet for sharing songs, video and news, making it easy for a listener to uncover more information about an artist all in one place.
  • fans feel like they are getting to know artist in a special way through viewing their music interests and being able to respond to them via comments. 

Why it’s good for bloggers:

  • Accessibility: bloggers can share their Ping activity via blog, facebook, twitter
  • live news feature makes it easy to stay up to date on artists and share information with social network
  • opportunity to expand readership: can friend similar music fans, who in turn may follow your blog for further music discovery and discussion.

Ping Highlight: Featured People
Why you should check it out: You can comment on Rick Rubin’s profile.  When did you ever think you’d be able to see what his music of choice is for a lazy Sunday? (It’s Turn Down Day by The Crykle by the way).

So, do you Ping? And who do you follow?

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