The Panic Is On

Credit: Citizens Band

Ready for some Christmas caroling mixed with political disparaging?  Then add The Citizens Band : The Panic Is On to your Saturday to-do list. There’s music, ballet and revolt – what more could you ask for? The website describes the show as such:

“The Citizens Band’s sixth original show, finds the troupe trapped in makeshift bomb shelter where they’re forced to find common ground and hope in a terror filled world. Performing a spirited mix of classic songs and original compositions they ponder such issues as fear mongering, war, immigration, xenophobia, poverty and their own dreams for political change.”

A number of exciting cast of characters take part, including the lovely and fair Karen Elson.  While set between 1850 – 1946, of course many of the themes hit all too close to home given the current political climate of our present day.  But despair not – with a healthy dose of humor thrown in, The Panic Is On is sure to entertain.

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