The Only ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ You Need

Once considered an embarrassing eye-sore, The ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ has morphed from ironic hipster garb, to mainstream holiday attire. Websites now exist solely for selling these Christmas monstrosities (thank you, internet).

Sure, online shopping takes some whimsy out of sifting through mysterious racks of clothes at the Salvation Army, or digging through your Aunt’s Christmas drawer, but would you find this yuletide gem at a thrift store?

This holiday season there’s only one ugly Christmas sweater you needSanta Clause ‘breaking the internet.’  Just like Kim Kardashian’s infamous Paper Magazine cover, there stands a jolly Santa Clause in his red suit. Swap the champagne bottle for a carton of milk and you’ve got the most culturally relevant ugly Christmas sweater of 2015.

The muses at Tipsy Elves created this masterpiece. From breaking the internet to breaking Christmas. What more could one ask for? Women get yours here, men snag yours here.


Image source: Tipsy Elves

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