The New Pornographers "Sweet Talk" Oxfam

It has been over six months since the BP oil explosion that poured 4.9 million barrels of oil into the gulf of Mexico, stretching along the coast of Florida to Louisiana, costing billions of dollars in damage – and irreversible damage to our environment.  The oil has since settled on the bottom of the gulf – further threatening marine life (and raising concern as to its safety for human consumption). 

An event that will effect the US for decades, indie rockers The New Pornographers decided to team up with Oxfam to bring light to this situation which has gradually seeped from the news media – but not our waters and communities.  Filming a video for their song “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk” the video is filled with footage of the detrimental spill and the coastal communities and fisherman along Louisiana’s Gulf directly affected by this disaster.  It’s angering, saddening yet also heart-warming.

In the start of the video Neko Case discusses why the group got involved in this project explaining, “To see New Orleans and the outlying areas go through Katrina and then have the Gulf oil spill a couple of years later, it’s just such a devastating series of events, and there’s a lot of culture, and a lot of people’s hearts in that place…we really need to support them and show them we haven’t forgotten.”

For more information on how Oxfam is helping these communities and how you can help click here.

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