The Mynabirds – Semantics

There’s nothing like a disagreement over semantics to ruin an otherwise lovely day/relationship. The Mynabirds embrace the fluidity of life’s changing tides on new single “Semantics,” careful not to get swept up in the current.

Front-woman Laura Burhenn traversed the globe from Africa to New Zealand, to London and beyond, before landing back in Los Angeles with a new understanding of humanity and herself:

“There’s something about wandering the world over,” says Burhenn, “that makes you realize how similar we all are – everyone searching for something, so often the same thing: love. It may sound trite, but it’s true. Love – or the lack of it – is the thing we all have in common. It can destroy us. It can break us open and let the light in. And it’s also the thing that can make us sing.”

Burhenn lets the light in on “Semantics,” as she sings about weathering challenges with her love – together: “Just remember we’re water and blood, it will help us see through days that are thick as the London Fog.”

“Semantics” appears on The Mynabirds third full-length, Lovers Know, out August 7th.

Image source: Facebook

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