The Monarchs Rise and Fall

Monarchs lead vocalist Celeste Griffin’s soulful crooning is nothing short of regal. Mixing passion with irony, the Monarchs latest, Rise and Fall, mixes romance with a flair for the subtly morbid. On the misleadingly peppy “Business Casual” the song sounds relatively blithe until you take a closer listen to the lyrics as Griffin sings, “Laying in an open casket / you’ve got the world looking down on you / and you look so fantastic.” Though don’t be misled, there’s no “off with their heads” among these Monarchs. To them, the music is family. From some of the subjects in the songs, to those trusted confidants who’ve helped the band make it to this point – not to mention the dysfunctional familial history of which their name is derived from, the Monarchs emit nothing but warmth and gratitude…and princely tunes.

Stream Rise and Fall available now.

The Rise and Fall by Monarchs

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