The Kooks New Sound Makes You Listen Up

The Kooks are so over themselves. Really. The Brits confessed to NME that they’d become “bored” of their sound and were hungry to try something new, something different. They found that special something (or in this case, someone) in hip-hop artist Inflo, who co-wrote and produced their upcoming release, Listen.

The sound is such a departure from The Kooks previous material that the band jokes they could’ve changed their name. Inspired by Fela’s Afro-beat records, 1970s Ethiopian jazz and Prince, Inflo helped the boys incorporate all these elements and more into what resulted in Listen

“To me, this album is about pure expression,” says lead vocalist Luke Pritchard. “Even the way we made the album felt fresh…we were really listening to what was going on around us, picking up ideas. The whole thing was much more natural.” [Big Hassle]

Turns out Listen is anything but boring.

Check out the gospel inspired “Around Town” and soul pop sound of “Forgive and Forget.”  Listen drops September 2nd via Astralwerks.

Image source: Big Hassle

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