The Knocks ‘Feels So Classic’

Brooklyn duo The Knocks teamed up with Crista Ru (one-half of Powers) for the slick “Classic“, the single you’ve likely been groovin’ to for much of the summer. Now the anthem has a perfectly produced video to go with it.

Inspired by the time-sucking, voyeuristic THE SIMS, “Classic” nails the look, personality (or lack thereof) and feel of the early aughts computer game, complete with a lap pool, cocktails and cotton candy.

In typical Sims fashion, the ladies in the video start to freak out when they want or need something – in this case, another drink. Luckily, before things get cray, the drinks magically refill and peace is restored.

It feels so classic.


No drinkies. Sadsies.


Come to me baby, don’t be shy


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