The Great Escape

Hotel Costes packages the perfect compilation for an elegant dinner, posh prohibition party or candle-lit bubble bath. The rolodex of artists, hand-picked by french DJ Stéphane Pompougnac, seems never ending; Pompougnac releasing his eleventh installment last fall. Resident DJ of Hotel Costes in Paris, Pompougnac released his first mix back in 1999. Now he is revving up to release Volume 12 this September.

Each song communicates the command and craft each artist has over their music. From the steady hazy melody of Mark Farina’s ‘Dream Machine’ on Volume 8, to the acute melodic piano keys played in Orsten’s ‘Fleur Blanche’ on Volume 10, to the airy soulful duet between Vanessa de Mata and Ben Harper on ‘Boa Sorte’ on Volume 11. Treasures await discovery on each compilation.

Transport yourself to the cafe’s of Paris, the people-watching and window-shopping. Or simply allow it to compliment your cocktail nights and stiletto-pumping days. Either way, Hotel Costes is a must have in any chic music collection.

Image courtesy: google images

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