The Creators Project

“The Creators Project is a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world….Launching now, in 2010, The Creators Project aims at being nothing less than the first spark of creativity that gives life to the hopes and aspirations of the Twenty-First Century.”
The Creators Project has launched. Everything from music, art, design, film, gaming and fashion is highlighted, as The Creators Project lends a platform to individuals they believe are creating innovative and inspiring work to the world. 
Celebrating its inception last Saturday, the 26th, TCP threw a musical extravaganza not to be missed, with performances by Nick Zinner, Muti Randolph, the xx, Animal Collective, Danny Perez, Gang Gang Dance, MIA, Interpol, Mark Ronson, NASA, Die Antwoord and more, all hosted at the fabulous Milk Studios.  How did this all come about? Intel and Vice partnered together to create a platform for promoting and displaying art.  Both apparently shared similar passions and thus the project was born.  Hopefully there will be more events in nyc again soon.
As for now, The Creators Project travels across the pond to conquer London on July 17.  If you are there, don’t miss it. Much is in store.
See videos from the launch, and check out the current ‘creators’ here.

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