The Color Yellow

credit: myspace

The mellifluous Yellowbirds is the latest musical work of Sam Cohen (guitarist, singer/songwriter of Apollo Sunshine).  With soothing harmonies and whimsical melodies, the band describes themselves as a mix of psychedelic folk rock and dreamy pop.  Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

In addition to Sam the four other band members include George Lewis Jr., Brian Geltner, Max Koepke, Wynne Bennett and Alecia Chakour.  They band has released two singles, “The Rest of My Life” and “The Honest Ocean” and will be releasing their The EP ‘The Color’ in February.  Their cool, relaxed sound is really calming and enchanting.

The single “The Rest of My Life” is a gem with chilling and dramatic whistling, and soft percussion in the background – leading into lively drums right when you think you know where the rest of the song is going. And you’re proven wrong. Sounding slightly ominous, the introduction sets you up for the songs motif: the anxiety when faced with change, and weighty decision making.  Evoking the sentiment we so often feel when at a crossroads, Cohen sings “trying hard not to think about, anything.” This dreamy pop-folk song will help you do just that, as you get lost in its soft and cozy reverbs.  Kudos to Sam for exploring this new artistic outlet.

“The Rest Of My Life” – Yellowbirds by Royal Potato Family

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