The Art of The Blakes

The Blakes consist of two brothers, Snow (bass, vocals) and Gernet Keim (guitar, vocals), and Bob Husak, who became the drummer after a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Seattle. The band name was born from a William Blake exhibit the brothers came across while living in LA, followed by a dream that came to Garnet. Heading it as an omen, the band became The Blakes – a symbol of the importance of music, messages and dreams. The boys are inspired by British rock and have a full, gritty sound. Their new album Art of Losses, was released last month. The trio recording in complete isolation in Maine, where the Keim brothers grew up. The album title hints at some of what the band endured during the recording process. Gernet comments, “Lyrically there’s an overarching theme of sadness and loss – as the album title suggests. We had a lot of loss during the recording, in both friends and family. It was everywhere around us.” As a result the album reflects on the past, while looking ahead to the future.

Art of Losses is out now via Light In The Attic Records.

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