"That’s How The World Will End"

Today marks the end of a dramatic and tumultous week for our planet: the closing of the climate summit debate in Copenhagen, Denmark (COP15). Hopefully the efforts of those advocating for change on the danish soil, braving icy winds and armed police (not to mention pugnacious politicians), will not have been in vein. With so much focus on our planet these days, and the urgent demand for action, I decided to make a Climate Change playlist. The way I see it, every movement needs an anthem. This is for Mother Nature, and that thing Obama promised…change.

1. “Earth Song” Michael Jackson

“Did you ever stop to notice this crying earth, this weeping shore?” Such an amazing song–and video. Michael knew what was up back when Al Gore was trying to get people to pay attention to him (B.D. before documentary). “World leaders” if you don’t set forth new emission policies for the developing countries who are most vulnerable, or for your own country, then do it for Michael (RIP).

Michael Jackson – Earth Song from MJ on Vimeo.

2. “What A Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong
How can you deny that voice. Let’s have a reason to swoon to this song for decades to come.

3. “Grass” Animal Collective

4. “Uprising” Muse
This song is so anthemic. A motivational powerhouse. Grab your stakes and get picketing!

Muse – Uprising from Andrea Rastelli on Vimeo.

5. “We Are the People” Empire of the Sun
The future of the planet rests in our abusive hands. What legacy will we leave for future generations? We are the people, we have the power to influence change now! “We will be victorious!”

6. “Rise Above” Dirty Projectors

7. “Earth Intruders” Bjork
What did the planet ever do to us? Aside from provide us with everything we need: oxygen, water, food, shelter. Its time for us to give back. Rid the planet of these earth intruders; wasteful critics and those evil carbon emissions, it’s time for a big cap!

8. “3rd Planet” Modest Mouse
This is our home. We don’t want to move to Mars. Lets keep the third rock from the sun rockin not meltin.

9. “Come Together” Beatles
The Beatles have an uncanny ability to put everyone who listens to their music into a trance. Start a movement guys and dolls. As they say, there’s strength in numbers.

10. “This Weather” Patrick Wolf
I’d like to keep the subject of weather filed under small talk. Let’s keep the ‘natural’ disasters to a minimum.

Feeling inspired? Write your “world leader,” start a movement, and advocate for real change. Anything is possible, especially when you have a little help from your friends.

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  • Reply February 4, 2010


    nice work gill.
    this is creative and you did a good job
    nothing like the Earth Song
    Think Globally, Act Locally, right?

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