Thank You (Zola) Jesus

Zola Jesus just released her third album, Conatus, and with it she delivers music that’s as invigorating as ever. The eccentric singer continues to push the envelope, experimenting with sound and creating music that stands out from the clutter. Some tracks, such as Avalanche, sound a bit tribal, while others have an industrial flair (Vessel) and others just make you want to dance (Seekir). Beautifully produced, Zola’s mesmerizing voice sounds powerful and passionate as she sings about inner-struggles and heartache. Be sure to set aside time to savor this one.

In an interview with The New York Times, Zola explained the meaning behind the album title:

Conatus means a lot of things to me, but for the sake of this record it means an effort to continue to exist, to progress, to move forward. I had become completely obsessed with deconstructing the way I make music and to figure out different ways to approach it; in a sense to turn myself inside out and see what would happen, in the hope that I would learn new skills.

Stream Conatus in full here

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