Tennis Is Comin’ For Ya

Holy sound, we need to talk about this Tennis single, “I’m Callin’.” Who new Alaina Moore had an 80’s Pat Benatar hiding inside of her? Because that’s what I’m picking up from this fabulously funky tune.

When I first heard “I’m Callin’” I looked up the song see if it was a cover — it’s not. For some reason it sounded really familiar to me. Maybe it’s just the glossy 80s vibe that’s giving me deja-vu. Not that I’m complaining. This jewel makes me want to throw on a a neon spandex jumpsuit and go dancing at the nearest roller-disco.

The burning chorus is where Moore fervently adds both nervous yet flirtatious vocals singing, “Just when I think that you’re mine you start to slip away, but your love is divine, you know I’m comin’ for ya.” Then there’s the guitar riffs and bass line which keep the funky synth beats going throughout.

I’m Callin’” is off Tennis’ third album, Ritual In Repeat. Get into it.


Featured image: Luca Venter

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