Tell Me Your Name

The Danish quintet The William Blakes (inspired by the poet) have recorded two albums since 2008, both of which they released on their own record label Speed of Sound. Their sophomore effort, The Way of the Warrior, was released in the fall of 2010 and is a beautiful album. They have great vocals and harmonies, singing emotive songs about religion, politics, fear and hope. In addition to a drummer and guitarist they also have a keyboard/trumpet player. Throw some reverb into the mix and the result is songs that are spirited but also nebulous. They William Blakes recently released their third album, Music Wants To Be Free, but since I can only find the songs on SoundCloud, I don’t know when its available stateside. In the meantime you can stream it here.

When the guys aren’t being The William Blakes, they keep busy producing albums for other bands including Choir of Young Believers and Outlandish. Oh and running their record label, where they’ve signed seven artists.

Check out the pop-ier “Secrets of the State”

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