Teen Men – Adventure Kids

Teen Men’s effervescent-pop bursts onto the scene just in time for summer. The Delaware-based quartet had crowds grooving at Sound Dessert’s unofficial SXSW showcase this year, and I’ve been waiting for the release of their self-titled debut ever since.

That time has arrived.

Teen Men found inspiration in the creative ethos of the punk scene. In an interview with PopMatters, front-man Nick Krill quotes Punk Magazine founder Legs McNeil, “it [is] about working with what you got in front of you and turning everything embarrassing, awful, and stupid in your life to your advantage.”

Explains Krill, “we aren’t rebelling against any outside establishment, but we’re rebelling against our own internal establishment…we are kind of trying to put ourselves in uncomfortable artistic situations in the hope that it will scare us into finding new solutions.” [PopMatters]

Teen Men’s form of rebellion feels euphoric, like drinking a tall glass of sunshine. This LP is essential summer listening. Press play and savor the blissful sounds.

Teen Men is out on June 9th on CD/digital and June 14th on vinyl via Bar/None. Stream the album in full right now over at PopMatters.

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