TATI ANA Reveals New Sound at the Sound Dessert SXSW Day Party

Photo credit: Bryan Taylor

SXSW serves different purposes for different artists ranging from exposure, re-birth, or (if you’re Prince and Justin Timberlake) unequivocal dominance. For others it’s an opportunity to experiment and showcase a new sound. For her SXSW debut, TATI ANA took the latter approach at the Sound Dessert Day Party at the Austin Ale House. Armed with new material, the singer/songwriter unveiled a bigger sound with ghostly electronic ballads. “Cold Water” is an icy account of heartbreak as the singer wails, “you said it was over, when it wasn’t over for me” while “Four Walls” reverberates with desire to wrench free from haunting memories as the singer echoes “tear them away.” The Ale House walls (and audience) were listening with rapt attention. Take a listen to the new tracks below:


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