Unpredictable and unstoppable. That describes the Russian-born, Brooklyn-based singer, TATI ANA in a nutshell.

Every time TATI ANA steps into the studio, she comes out with a different sound. One that’s more refined and more crystallized than the time before. Her air of mystery and ability to keep people guessing make her an artist to watch – long term.

“MRI” shows a heavier side to TATI ANA’s sound, with pulsating, industrial-like synths and computer glitches. The beats take center stage but the singer’s vocals still resonate.

“We were broken” refrains TATI ANA against a crashing wall of sound. Therein lies the significance of “MRI”: the ability to see something’s broken. Whether it can be repaired is a whole different story.

Find “MRI” off TATI ANA’S upcoming EP dropping this summer.

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