T0W3RS On TL;DR, Taylor Swift and Avocados


How does an artist hold people’s attention in a TL;DR world? If you’re T0W3RS (pronounced “towers”), by blending your favorite genres into an amalgam of sound including 70’s disco, 80’s dance, and contemporary synth-pop.

Facing a society with shortened attention spans, T0W3RS sings about changing relationship dynamics on his debut solo album, TL;DR out November 11th via Phuzz Records. Fittingly, the LP clocks in at just over 30 minutes so nobody can claim it’s “too long.”

I spoke to T0W3RS about Taylor Swift memes, avocados, the Manic Pixie Dream Boy fantasy and who he considers “the sexiest TV team of all-time.”

(PSA: Every time someone uses TL;DR a gnome goes missing. Use sparingly and with caution, kids).

Sound Dessert: Explain the meaning behind the album’s title, TL;DR.

T0W3RS: ‘TL;DR’ is where I think we are at as a society. The Internet has created a culture where everyone is screaming and no one is listening. Where our thoughts and philosophies are limited to 140 characters. As an artist I now only have 30-90 seconds to prove myself. Too long; didn’t read.

SD: Do you go pretty deep on Reddit or another type of message board/thread?

T: Reddit/Digg/4Chan are really interesting to me. “News” by democracy. This turns a populations of users into the content editor. Like most things on the Internet, it’s a beautiful concept that’s lost to the lowest common denominator. Trolls/racists/sexists often control the conversations. These sites make things seem even more hopeless. However, I really like the hyper-specific content pages.

I’m a member of r/spiderbros, where people post pictures of the spiders that live in their house or garden. I also really like r/AvacadosGoneWild which satirizes the highly popular r/gonewild page by posting “sexy” pictures of avocados paired with different food. R/michaelbaygif is good too.

SD: How about the single “M.P.D.B”? What’s the story behind the acronym?

Manic Pixie Dream Boy. Kevin Bacon in Footloose or Patrick Swayze from Roadhouse. These men are similar to the Woody Allen/Diane Keaton relationship. Usually the male character’s effect on people isn’t limited to a single person. They usually “change” the whole population. These men are strong and sensitive, brutal and intelligent, these men are the character drawings on romance novels. Fantasy.

SD: What environment did you write and record TL;DR in? What were some influential themes at the time of writing?

T: I felt like I was shouting to be heard. Friends and lovers kind of laughed me off. I wanted to make something that would prove them all wrong. So I was feeling kind of spiteful and alone, but the record ends up feeling very positive. I think that’s because I’m generally a positive person, so even when I’m mad things feel “nice.” I recorded the record myself over the course of a year wherever I could find time and space.

SD: You used to have a cassette label, what do you love most about tapes? Do you think they’re making a comeback?

T: Did you see Guardians of The Galaxy this summer? The concept of the cassette is back in a big way. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 sold really well and the studio has talked about putting out a limited run of that cassette. Hip-Hop has jumped back on the medium as well as the hipster counter-culture.
I love cassettes personally. Probably for an economic reason. I feel like the resurgence of vinyl over the last 20 years had a lot to do with price difference. Especially shopping for “classic” records.

At the height of the CD age you could snag a [cassette] copy of Purple Rain for $1 while the CD cost $19.99. Now that the vinyl bins have been thoroughly combed through by collectors, cassettes are the new thrift store bargain. I found 15 incredible New Jack Swing records for $2 the other day. However, I think the cassette deck is harder to find then the actual cassette. 50% of the people who buy my cassettes do so because they have an old car with a deck.

SD: What do you enjoy most about the music scene in Raleigh?

T: The NC music scene isn’t limited to a single city. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill or “The Triangle”, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Wilmington are all connected. Bands from all those city’s trade shows/skills/advice. There is a real passion for the state here. I like that the most.

SD: Your dance moves remind me of Michael Jackson – is he an inspiration of yours?

T: Michael Jackson is the greatest performer of all-time. I have always looked up to him. He’s so unreal.

SD: You seem to enjoy memes. Is there a particular one you care to share with our readers?

T: Hah! I really like the meme font more than popular memes. I have an app on my phone that I make them with. Usually with pics of celebs. I really like using Taylor Swift, because she is so weird:


SD: Finish the sentence: on a Sunday you’re most likely….

T: …watching The X-Files. Dana Scully/Fox Mulder are the sexiest TV team of all-time.

SD: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

T: I was recently a pepperoni and mushroom pizza at ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’ at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. That was pretty cool. A pizza on Space Mountain. Can’t beat that.

Be sure to pick up T0W3RS’ debut solo album TL;DR on November 11th.

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