T-Pain Can Sang

Forget everything you thought you knew about T-Pain. The hip-hop star and king of auto-tune performed a rare acoustic set for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. That’s right, acoustic. “I know everybody’s wondering where the auto-tune is gonna come from, It’s okay, I got it in my pocket” T-Pain joked before his set. “It’s totally fine. It’s all surgically inserted.”

I tell ya, “Buy U A Drank” takes on a whole different vibe when it’s stripped down. There’s actually some soul and emotion that comes through. If you find it disorienting, you’re not alone.

“This is weird as hell!” T-Pain repeatedly shouted during the set. Weird? Yes. Amazing? Definitely.

The video’s quickly making the rounds on the internet as more people find themselves digging T-Pain: the R&B edition.

So what will the in-the-club-drinking-patron auto-tune sensation do with this new recognition? Go forth as being the T-Pain we all know? Record some R&B ballads? Heck, throw caution to the wind and release a Christmas album?

We can only watch and wait.

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