SXSW Discovered

Yesterday was all about bands we already know and like that are playing SXSW.  Today is about newly discovered bands playing SXSW that you should also check out.

SoundDessert’s Guide To SXSW: 10 Bands to See and Hear Now.
This Danish band will blow you away. Their name is inspired by the Brooklyn Apostolic Faith Mission church they serendipitously passed one day.  The are very meticulous about their recording process – their sophomore album 421 Wythe Avenue, named after the loft where they live/recorded, was performed with only found instruments in the loft, including using two dictionaries as a kick drum.  The resulting sound has an organic dream-like quality to it. Their new EP And The Running With Insanity is available March 29th.

They sound like the soundtrack to a Nintendo game…and apparently that’s exactly where their music comes from.  It says on their website that they make “loud, fast music with a hacked NES from 1985.” That settles it then. An aural onslaught, Anamanaguchi is hyper and crazy and thoroughly original.
A cool french synth-pop band playing sounds from the future. Their EP Niribu features four original songs and they’ve also done a number of cool remixes including Peter, Bjorn and John’s “Lay It Down,” La Roux’s “Quicksand” and Royksopp’s “Girl and the Robot.”  As for the name? It is resonant of “widescreen romance, vintage melancholia and studied postures.”
This Seattle based band released their debut album in the fall of 2010 with help from Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin.  Getting wind of the band, Sara ended up producing, recording, and adding vocals to their self-titled release Fences. The tattooed lead singer Chris Mansfield might throw you off in terms of what to expect, but the album is full of sweet soft folk songs. It’s like listening to diary entries of a reformed bad boy – there’s the rough exterior, but a soft interior awaits.

Banjo plunking Alynda Lee Segarra has a beautiful voice that pairs elegantly with her fluid playing. Segarra is accompanied by Walt McClements who plays accordion, fiddle & toy piano, Aubrey Freeman who plays double bass, and Shae Freeman who plays the saw, autoharp & vocals.  Needless to say they create some intriguing arrangements. Riff Raff has a great spirit, which promises to lift yours.

Hurray for the Riff Raff – Bricks from benjamin & stefan ramirez perez on Vimeo.

6. IO Echo

A new band that lives up to the hype, IO Echo have released only a few songs but in that time have garnered lots of fans among their artistic piers.  The duo have already opened for acts such as Florence and the Machine, La Roux, Hot Chip and Nine Inch Nails.
Quirky and poppy, Revolver had a Darjeeling Limited/Peter Sarstedt feel to their music. This band just released their new EP, Parallel Lives, February 18th. They describe themselves as “”chamber pop”—reference to both the Renaissance compositions and the pop music of Elliott Smith or the Kinks.”
Dreamy pop, these guys will transport you to another dimension.  On the move in more ways than one, Secret Cities released their first full length album, Pink Graffiti, in the summer of 2010 and are already set to release a follow up, Strange Hearts, (which they recorded in a deserted bank) available March 29th. I love their harmonies, and guarantee you will too.
Cool bluesy rock, this band is the bees knees (sorry).
Feel good electro-pop music sung by cross-dressing prone Portlandites. The band just released their new full length album Reptilians.

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