Sweet Dreaming With Daniel Eyes & The Vibes

daniel eyes & the vibes

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes seek salvation on their debut EP, Sweet Dreaming, out this Friday, January 29th. Chronicling a wild love affair with the blues, the four song EP radiates yearning, grit and unyielding resolve.

Each song weaves into the next, as the urgency to break free builds. There’s an insatiable hunger to attain this distant dream that’s being chased. What will it cost – and what will it take – to get there? That’s up to the listener’s interpretation.

“I’m sweet dreaming of things to come” sings frontman Daniel Eyes, on the premier title track. Clocking in at nearly six minutes the sprawling ballad burns slowly before unleashing into a rush of drums, reverberating harmonies and guitar licks at the three minute mark. It’s an epic that recalls the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll odysseys akin to Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” (while Lana Del Rey is reintroducing this type of storytelling in her own gauzy indie way, it’s refreshing to see Daniel Eyes & The Vibes add their own spin to it).

The momentum builds on “Sleeping With The Blues” as Eyes sings, “Dreaming is a lonely road, I gotta move to save my soul.” There’s a frustration about life’s inconsistencies and also a dogged determination to not let any obstacles stand in the way of this vision.

The motif of dreams and the blues resurfaces on “Jessica,” a downtempo track where Eyes sings of what could be, and what could have been. The longing is accentuated by wailing guitar solos and a moody baseline. Also of note: “Jessica” includes a nice little Austin mention in reference to a girl “working in a bar just off South Lamar.”

Sweet Dreaming closes with Dessert Cocaine,” the most uptempo and pop-influenced track on the EP. In a final plea to succeed, Eyes repeatedly shouts “set me free,” as he searches for “something to hold onto.”

Does he reach the promise land?

Daniel Eyes & The Vibes are on a quest for salvation and invite the listener to embark on the journey with them. Don’t get stuck, don’t stay in place, as long as you keep moving and keep dreaming, you’ll get to where your supposed to be in the end. As cliche as it sounds, it’s perfect for driving with the windows rolled down, the wind in your hair, and remembering to feel alive. Bad day? Let Sweet Dreaming set you straight again, because there’s nothing sweeter than going after what you deserve.

The guys celebrate the EP release of Sweet Dreaming at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin this Saturday, January 30th. Let Daniel Eyes & The Vibes set you free and lead you to rock ‘n’ roll salvation.


Image source: Daniel Eyes & The Vibes

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