Swede Surrender

From Stockholm, Sweden, five lovely ladies make up the group Those Dancing Days. Their music is flirtatiously fun. The girls have been gathering steam in their homeland and our currently touring there. Linnea Jönsson, Lisa Pyk, Rebecka Rolfart, Mimmi Evrell and Cissi Efraimsson not only have cute songs but cute style to boot. I have been consistently playing their self-titled track, “Those Dancing Days” ever since I first laid ears on it. It is fresh, peppy and it gets me moving at the gym. If I lived in Sweden however it would certainly get me moving in different ways, either via seeing them perform live or perhaps overhearing the song in a club.

Their music videos are equally charming to watch. In “Those Dancing Days” the girls go out on the town attending their own show as lead singer Linnea sweetly sings to the camera. Bobbing and shaking, her brown curls spring about. Their single “Hitten” is also a wonderfully melodious track and more subdued then the aforementioned beat. Check out the video for “Those Dancing Days” and see whether or not you find them as swede.

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