Antony and the Johnsons recently released their fourth album Swanlights.  His quivering voice is unmistakable.  Beautifully haunting, Swanlights delivers the classic warbling pieces that have made Antony and the Johnsons the quintessential avant-cabaret band. The highlight is a duet with Bjork on the track Flétta.  A gentle introduction begins with Bjork softly singing, soon paired with Antony. Wondrous harmonies build, accented with robust piano chords.  Flétta means slaughter in the Nordic language Faroese. This seems interesting given the music video is footage of dying killer whales.  However the icelandic translation is much different, meaning “lichen” or to “plait, twist or braid.”  So their are multiple layers of meaning to this song for sure.  Lichen can survive the most extreme conditions on the planet – symbolizing perhaps the artists’ resilience in being true to their craft, individuality and unique artistic vision.  The two mavericks collaborate wonderfully together…braiding their ideas into one beguiling end product.  Have a listen and contemplate for yourself the depths of the song.

Anthony and The Johnsons ft. Björk – Fletta by duyguizdes

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