St. Lucia ‘Takes You There’ On Elevate

Image source: Facebook

I don’t know how St. Lucia does it. Everything they release is pure pop ecstasy. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’ve consumed St. Lucia’s self-titled debut EP and seen them live countless times – including hearing them play the just released, “Elevate.” The single will be on their debut album, When The Night, out October 8th via Neon Gold Records.

“Elevate” is just as it sounds. An uplifting and celebratory song about someone who’s found their inner strength as Jean-Philip Grobler sings, “all this time, never thought I’d see you smile.” Turn the volume way, way up on this sunny synth jam. It’s safe to say, one hit of St. Lucia and “you’ll never go back again.”
St. Lucia embarks on a fall tour with Two Door Cinema Club. See tour dates here.


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