St. Lucia Makes Music Worth Idolizing


Tuesday night (Feb 21) I caught the final show of St. Lucia’s residency at Pianos. And lucky for that, because they blew the lid off the place.

I arrived around 8:30pm in time for the opening band, Shadows on Stars to go on. With bubbly beats that are heavy on the reverb, this Portland based duo creates music that’s other-worldly. The track “I’ll Be The Light” especially sounds like a lullaby fit for the galaxy. While in contrast the aggressive “Punk Kids” is…you guessed it, a full-throttle strike on “stupid punk kids” that’s perfect for head-banging. Listen to more on their SoundCloud page:

By the end of Shadows on Stars’ set, quite the line had formed outside the small room. So much so that the crowd was urged to move forward, in an effort to fit more people inside.

At precisely 10:00pm St. Lucia began playing and had the audience enraptured from the very first note. I’d compare the energy and excitement emitted by St. Lucia’s music to that of a fireworks display. Each track bursts with driving synth-pop melodies, that implore you to dance. From the  lively “We Got It Wrong” to the atmospheric “All Eyes on You” and the hazy “The Old House Is Gone” the momentum never ceased. St. Lucia also premiered a song they’d never played live before, “September” as Vocalist Jean Phillip Grobler warned, “we’re gonna see how this goes.” There was no need to worry though, as it was a thrilling disco-infused dance track that everyone, as the song goes, is “sure to remember.” The only trouble with the set? When it ended. Just like that, the show was over, but the rush lingered.

Watch St. Lucia Performing “September” at Pianos:

St. Lucia is Jean Phillip Grobler (lead vocals, guitar), Patricia Beranek (keys, vocals), Ross Clark (bass, guitar, keys, vocals) Nick Brown (drums), Nick Paul (keys). Grobler hails from South Africa, but lucky for us New Yorkers, St. Lucia is now based in Williamsburg, BK.

St. Lucia’s Upcoming Tour Dates:
•    Mar 1 
Santos Party House
 New York, NY
•    Mar 2 
Middle East
 Boston, Massachusetts, US
•    Mar 3 
Trinity College 
Hartford, Connecticut, US
•    Mar 6 
U Street Music Hall
 Washington DC, Washington, US
•    Mar 7 
The Blockley Pourhouse
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
•    Mar 9 
Savannah Stopover
 Savannah, GA
, US
•    Mar 11 
Atlanta, GA, US

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