Sound Dessert’s Best Songs of 2014

It’s that time of year again. Another one down, another twelve months of sounds that filled my ears with delight, torment and everything in between. Here’s my Spotify playlist of tracks that were on constant rotation at the Sound Dessert headquarters this year.

And yes, if Taylor Swift was on Spotify a song of hers may or may not have been included as well. “Blank Space” just melts my pop-loving soul, what can I say.

So take a dive into my playlist of 2014 favorites. If you’ve been following Sound Dessert you will surely recognize most of them including RY X, Tennis, James Bay, FKA Twigs, Glass Animals and more. Thank you to all the loyal readers for letting me share my music picks with you each week. Here’s to 2015 delivering more amazing music for all of us to enjoy.

What were your favorites of 2014? Sound off in the comments!

Happy New Year, friends.

xo, Sound Dessert.

Image credit: Eileen McFall

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